How to Schedule a Notary in Santa Barbara, Goleta or Montecito

Other Services Offered by Santa Barbara Mobile Notary

Courier and Overnight Services

Do you need the document you are getting notarized dropped at FedEx or UPS? We can do that for you. Are you an attorney that would need us to get the documents to be signed and delivered back to you? This is also something we do quite often.

Print Your Documents

If you already have the documents you need notarized you can email them to us for printing prior to our appointment. This service is limited to PDF files and provided there is enough time prior to our appointment to print them for you.

Please note that as a Notary Public we are not allowed to act within the capacity as a lawyer. We cannot provide you the forms or provide legal advice -- but if you have the form filled out already, we can print them.

What People are Saying About Santa Barbara Mobile Notary

"I have used Alexis twice in the last week. Both times she showed up promptly and was very friendly! Takes credit cards too. Highly recommended."

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"Wow! Nels who came by, couldn't be nicer. So easy and nice to work with..."

- 5 Stars from Hayley T. on

"Always prompt, respectful, discreet, and friendly. Will not use any other notary service."

- Great Review on Square

"Alexis was amazing...sent her a text, she was at my house in 10 minutes. Very well dressed and polite. Highly recommend this convenient way to have a document notarized. Thank you Alexis!"

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"We've used Alexis dozens of times over the last two years for various documents that need notarization. Each time we call Alexis she is prompt, professional and knowledgeable about the information she is notarizing. I would highly recommend her!"

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